Advice For Flossing While Wearing Braces

Although you should continue flossing while having dental braces, it will be a different experience. Use the following tips to ensure that you still enjoy the benefits of flossing while having braces: Pay Attention to the Wire It's easy to "forget" that there are wires in your mouth, so you ought to make a conscious effort to have that fact in mind. You need to be gentle with your movements so that you don't accidently entangle the floss; don't snap the floss into place. [Read More]

What Should You Know About Dental Care When You Have An Artificial Joint?

If you've recently undergone a knee, hip, or other joint replacement, you may already be enjoying some of the benefits -- often including an improved range of motion and pain-free movement. While having a deteriorated and painful joint replaced with an artificial one can feel like rolling back the clock, artificial joints can present some unexpected complications when it comes to your oral health. Read on to learn more about the specific dental concerns faced by those with artificial joints, as well as what you can do to preserve your health (both oral and otherwise) following joint surgery. [Read More]

Should Dentists Remove Teens' Wisdom Teeth? Advice For Parents

Healthy adults normally have 32 permanent teeth, including four wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth (or third molars) generally start to erupt when you hit your late teens, and dentists often suggest that they remove these teeth at an early age. Find out why your wisdom teeth can cause problems, and consider the reasons why a dentist may suggest early extraction. The problem with wisdom teeth Scientists believe that the wisdom teeth were once critical to humans, but evolution has largely left these molars redundant. [Read More]

What Is A Pindborg Tumour?

While most people expect their dentist to talk to them about gum disease and tooth decay, other conditions are more unusual. A lot of people overlook strange bumps and growths in their mouths, but some types of swelling are harder to ignore. A Pindborg tumour is a rare type of growth, and you can learn more about the symptoms of this condition, and find out what sort of treatment you can expect for these tumours. [Read More]