Should Your Child Be Using An Electric Toothbrush?

As a parent, you want to introduce your child to certain beneficial habits as early as possible—with the idea that these habits will encourage behaviors that last a lifetime. This is the case with oral hygiene, and specifically, how your child brushes their teeth. Now that your child is old enough to be brushing their teeth by themselves, you might be wondering if it's a good idea for them to use an electric toothbrush.

Signs You May Need A Full Set Of Dentures

Failing teeth cause many issues within your mouth. When teeth become so decayed, broken, or unstable that they require pulling, you may need dentures. Depending on the number of failing teeth and your overall oral health, you may require partial or full dentures. So, how do you know? Read on to learn more about full dentures and signs you may need them. What Are Full Dentures? Unlike partial dentures, which just replace a few missing teeth, a full set replaces all your teeth.