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Advice For Flossing While Wearing Braces

Although you should continue flossing while having dental braces, it will be a different experience. Use the following tips to ensure that you still enjoy the benefits of flossing while having braces:

Pay Attention to the Wire

It's easy to "forget" that there are wires in your mouth, so you ought to make a conscious effort to have that fact in mind. You need to be gentle with your movements so that you don't accidently entangle the floss; don't snap the floss into place.

Set Enough Time

Flossing with braces is likely to take you more time than flossing without braces. This is because your mouth will be more crowded with all the braces, bands, and wires. You need to thread the floss carefully under the main wire and then pass it between the adjacent teeth as usual. Your intention should be to get rid of all the food remains in all the nooks and crevices without getting the floss caught up in the braces.

Use Waxed Floss

The main difficulty of flossing when you have braces is that you have to deal with the additional obstacles in your mouth (the orthodontics); the floss can easily get caught up in them. However, the smoother the floss is, the less likely it is to get entangled with the wires. This means using waxed floss will make your work easier than using the unwaxed varieties. Don't worry if you are used to unwaxed floss; waxed floss is just as effective at cleaning teeth as unwaxed flossing.

Invest In an Orthodontic Floss Threader

If you have tried conventional flossing while wearing braces, you will agree that sliding the floss between the teeth isn't a walk in the park. Fortunately, an orthodontic floss threader allows you to pull the floss above the orthodontic wire with ease. To use the threader, pull a dozen or more inches of the floss and insert it into the threader's loop. Next, pass the threader under the wires, remove the threader, and floss as usual; repeat the process until you are done. Of course, it will take you longer, but isn't that better than not flossing or flossing inefficiently?

Hopefully, the above tips will help you maintain impeccable oral hygiene while wearing dental braces. Consult an orthodontist from a clinic like Smiley Kids Dental if you accidentally interfere with your braces or if you can't get the hang of flossing with them. You can also talk to your dentist about further tips or products that can enhance your flossing routine.