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Tips For Successfully Caring For New Dentures

Have you recently received dentures for the first time? If so, you'll need to get familiar with how you should care for dentures and how it is different from brushing your teeth like you did before. These tips will help ensure you're doing things right.

Always Remove Dentures At Night

One thing that you won't be used to doing with dentures is removing them during the night when you're sleeping. While your dentist may have told you to keep the dentures in your mouth overnight at first if you received immediate dentures, that is only to help recover from the tooth extraction process. You'll eventually need to start removing them at night because your gums require a much-needed break. Dentures can put pressure on the gums, and it's important to allow the gums to recover while you sleep.

Dentures should be placed in warm water that contains a special cleaning solution. Before you put the dentures back into your mouth in the morning, you'll want to rinse them off under warm water to remove any potential bad taste from the cleaning solution

Be Gentle When Brushing

Brushing your dentures will be required to keep them clean, but you shouldn't be brushing them with normal toothpaste. That is because toothpaste can contain baking soda or other abrasive ingredients in it that are bad for the dentures. It can result in the finish of the false teeth becoming scratched over time, which will not look great.

You'll want to use a special type of toothpaste designed specifically for dentures, and then rinse it off before you put them back into your mouth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that is not going to be too hard or abrasive. While it's ideal to brush your dentures right after eating, it may not be possible depending on where you are. Consider rinsing the dentures under water to get all the food off of them right after having a meal.

Get Regular Checkups

You may think that you are done with dental checkups now that you use dentures, but this is simply not true. You'll still need to return to the dentist to verify that your gums are healthy and to check the state of the dentures and verify that they are in good condition. Your dentist or a local denture clinic may make repairs or alterations to the dentures, which can help them feel more comfortable as you continue wearing them.