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Dental Care For Children With ADHD: The Importance Of Timing

Have you ever experienced problems with dental treatment for your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? It's not as though your child requires any special dental treatment since their ADHD won't necessarily have an effect on their oral health. However, their attention span could possibly result in negligence in caring for their own teeth, which could lead to cavities; and hyperactivity could potentially lead to an accident resulting in dental trauma (which requires emergency treatment). But while they might not need any special dental treatment, they will benefit from a specialized approach.

The Best Approach for the Best Outcome

A children's dentist is likely to have considerable experience treating young patients with ADHD, and can modify their approach for the best outcome. That being said, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your child's ADHD doesn't create any obstacles for your child receiving the highest possible level of dental care. A lot of it depends on timing.

Medication Vacations

Does your child ever take a medication vacation? This isn't something that applies to all children with ADHD, but some parents decide to reduce their child's dosage at strategic times when maintaining a high level of the medication in question isn't as important. This might be during school vacations, for example. If your child is on a reduced level of their medication, you might want to delay their dental appointment until such time as their dosage has returned to normal levels, allowing for the best possible level of concentration and general behavior while they're at the dentist.

The Best Time of Day

The actual time of day can play a role too. You know your child best, and there might be certain times of day when their energy levels and concentration are the most appropriate for a dental appointment. It might be earlier in the day, shortly after they've woken up and had breakfast. Think about what would be the best time of day for your child, and schedule the dental appointment accordingly.

Extra Calming

It won't be appropriate for all children or all dental appointments, but there might be circumstances when your child's behavior makes it challenging for the dentist to perform the necessary work. When your child needs a form of treatment that requires them to remain perfectly still, some form of sedation can be constructive. It's not like your child needs to be unconscious, but something with a calmative effect (such as nitrous oxide) can be extremely beneficial. If your dentist suggests sedation, be sure to give them an exhaustive list of any medication your child is taking. 

Timing is very important when it comes to dental care for children with ADHD, so be sure to plan ahead. For more information about visiting a children's dentist, contact a local dental office.